Sunday, June 28, 2015

Colorado Roadtrip

CO roadtrip
Four short months ago Dylan found out the exciting news that he landed the job he had been hoping for in the city he had been dreaming about. Fast foward to June, where we packed up his belongings, squeezed ourselves and a dog into his car, and began the 20+ hour drive from Tuscaloosa, AL to Denver, CO.

We drove. And drove. And drove some more. We did the whole trip without stopping overnight. We had good music, a large dog, and each other to keep ourselves going.

dylan and coop
The sun began to rise as we drove through Kansas and neared Colorado.

Finally, we reached the border. It was early in the morning but we excitedly pulled over, stretched our legs, and took lots of pictures. As we continued driving, the mountains came into view in front of us. We were in Colorado.

A few hours later, we arrived in Denver at Dylan's new house. We spent the day napping, getting a few new home essentials, and cooked the first meal.

That evening we went downtown, exploring Dylan's new home.

Denver is beautiful. You can be in the middle of the city and look to the horizon and see the snow capped Rocky Mountains surrounding you. For every few blocks of buildings, there is a green park somewhere nearby. There is a perfect mix of the historic beginnings and modern life.

The rest of the week was spent exploring Denver, hiking everywhere, lots of picnic-ing in parks and mountains, eating so much good food, and enjoying the last few days we had with each other.







It was an absolutely beautiful week and I am so grateful I was able to tag along with Dylan for the beginning of this exciting new chapter of his life. Bittersweet goodbyes were said, one last hug in the airport before I traveled back to Tuscaloosa. But only temporary goodbyes, only until next time.

I put together a video of our adventures, a memory of our perfect first week in Colorado.

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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

a photo diary

Hello friends, yes I am still alive and well. Thank you all who have kept checking my blog and who sent me such sweet messages these past few months, I've missed you! My life has been so full, I feel like I haven't had a chance to pause and catch my breath. So many adventures, lots of studying, roadtrips and concerts, a few heartaches, but always good company to come along for the ride. My camera stayed in my hands throughout it all, so I put together a photo diary of my life since last time you heard from me.

dylan // film
Photography and hiking on an unusually warm winter day

A spontaneous weekend trip to Atlanta

Walking home after class on a late Monday afternoon

A perfect Valentine's day- picnic-ing, a cheesy dinner, drive-in movie, and a night with good friends

magic man
Magic Man concert at a small venue in Nashville

Druid City Arts Festival on a sunny Saturday afternoon

A walk through the arboretum on a warm Spring day

Turning 20 and celebrating with beautiful friends

beach polaroid
A wonderful week at the beach to start off the summer

Saying goodbye to Max, who lived a beautiful 15 years with our family

Tame impala
Tame Impala show at the end of Shaky Knees music festival

Roadtripping from Alabama to Colorado with Dylan

I'm so happy to be back and blogging. I just got back from a roadtrip to Colorado, which I can't wait to put a post together about to show you all! Thanks for sticking with me through these crazy few months.

xoxo, Jordan

Friday, February 13, 2015

valentine's DIY // xoxo

So tomorrow's Valentine's day. I love my friends, and I love making things for my friends, so I made them valentines.

The idea for these was super simple; it's just a mini envelope attached to a piece of kraft paper. I stamped out the words "happy valentine's day" and doodled hearts around the edges.

v3 v5
I put a small pack of candy in each envelope, but you could put whatever you want in them- maybe stickers or small photos or a love note?

I really love how these turned out, and I can't wait to give them to my friends!

valentine's playlist
You might remember my Valentine's playlist of sickeningly sweet love songs from last year. This year I created a more refined collection of songs, much more subtle, but still very sweet.

Happy Valentine's Day xoxo

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

hello 2015. a memory jar

2014 was a year full of adventures, new friends, opportunity, trying to figure things out, falling, getting back up again, inspiration, clarity, saying goodbye, and also saying hello.

memory jar
memory jars
A new year means a new memory jar. I made my memory jar last year with the intention to fill it up with good things that happened, so then I could look back onto the year and remember all the happiness. I want to continue the tradition this year- it is so important to take time to look back on all the good things that happened.

breathe deeply golden stars memories
I took my 2014 jar off my shelf and emptied out the notes. I sat down on my bed and smiled as I read through all of the things I wrote throughout the year. Some things mean nothing anymore, some things are just little- almost insignificant- moments, some are big events that happened, and others are things I just wanted to remember, for some reason or another. They all made 2014.

2014 memories
Cheers to a new beginning.
Hello 2015.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

winterize your nails

winter nails
Well, hello. It's been a while, I almost don't know where to begin. I will save an update on my life these past few months for another post… but for now I have something fun to show you guys. Julep contacted me about a "Winterize your nails" campaign that they are doing, and I was inspired to give myself a winter manicure.

I start with clean, filed nails. I have recently switched to only using non-acetone nail polish remover, and it has made a huge difference in the health of the nails. Before, they would feel dry and brittle every time I took my nail polish off, but now they are stronger and healthier than they've ever been!

When you're giving yourself a manicure, don't just stop at your nails. Make a sugar scrub to exfoliate and moisturize your hands! I combined sugar and coconut oil to make my scrub, and it leaves my hands softer than any lotion does. (*note: don't pour oil in the sink, especially coconut oil that hardens at a relatively high temp)

For my winter manicure, I started with a soft white base coat. Then I chose a silvery, glitter nail polish to paint on top. I did a thin coat at first, then layered more at the bottom to create a sparkly ombre effect. (ps. If you're looking for some new nail polishes, check out all the new colors Julep has!)

The subtle sparkle of this white manicure is reminiscent of twinkling stars and falling snowflakes.