Saturday, February 25, 2012

painted bobby pins

 I was sitting at my desk and I had a bobby pin and a bottle of nail polish right next to each other. I was trying to figure out something to make, and then all of a sudden I had the crazy idea to paint the bobby pin with nail polish. So thus began this painted bobby pin tutorial.

Slide the bobby pins onto a piece of paper to paint them. I folded the edges down so I could paint both sides of the bobby pin and let it dry standing up. It's best to use nail polish that's more opaque, unless you have really light colored bobby pins. All I had were black ones. Let them dry for a while before you try to put them in your hair.

A while ago when I was in H&M I saw some colored bobby pins that I loved! But the practical side of me thought "Do I really need to pay $3 for colored bobby pins when I have perfectly fine black ones at home?" So I didn't buy them, and I'm glad I didn't!

I also tried using a gold glitter nail polish and I think it turned out really well! I made two because I liked it so much.

Have a wonderful Saturday! ♥